Update #5

This week marked a major milestone for Arnold! He has officially made a major move out of Grant Trauma Hospital into an acute care facility. This means that all vitals are remaining steady, surgeries are complete, and everything is healing properly. The team here will be moving quickly to get him fully prepared for his next step towards rehabilitation.

Arnold wants all his friends to know he says hello! Because of his wrist surgeries, he’s been unable to hold his phone to check texts and social media (talk about a nice social media detox!) As he starts to get some strength back in his wrists over the next couple weeks we’ll get his phone back in his hands to say hi himself 😊

With this new move, Arnold will be allowed to start receiving more visitors. He still has very busy days packed with plenty of physically therapy (and naps), so we will reach out as he asks for individuals specifically, and as soon as we know the schedule of free time hours for visitors. More info to come!

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who has helped with dinner through the Meal Train schedule. It has made our lives exponentially easier to have dinner ready when we come home after long days at the hospital. 

Finally, thank you to every person who has asked how they can help or donate. We have established a non-profit called Arnold’s Ride. More updates to come this week on how you can contribute, upcoming events, and how you can get involved. 

Thank you again for all your help, well wishes, and prayers. Keep the prayers coming! We love you all.

- The DeSena Family