Update #4

Thank you to everyone who has continued to reach out about Arnold and our family. We have had a very busy past few weeks with a handful of major improvements, as well as a few unexpected setbacks. We’re quickly learning that the healing process is not completely linear! Overall, Arnold is doing great and the doctors are very pleased with how stable he has been across the board within the past week. With all the improvements he’s made, we are looking to move Arnold out of the trauma hospital within the next couple weeks, and into an acute care facility. He will spend a small period of time there before he begins to work on his rehabilitation. Once he moves to the next facility Arnold may be able to have more visitors. We will update you on that when we have more information, but he wants everyone to know that he says hello! Thank you again to everyone who has sent well wishes and prayers our way. 

Additionally, thank you so much for everyone who has contributed meals through the Meal Train. It has taken a great deal of stress of our shoulders to not have to worry about cooking as we run back and forth between Westerville and the hospital. https://www.mealtrain.com/trains/3qlz80/updates/

Finally, thank you so much to everyone who attended the fundraiser dinner at Yabo’s Tacos. We were extremely humbled by the number of people to show their love and support. We could not fight this battle without you all. Keep the prayers coming, we love you all. 
- The DeSena Family