Update #3

Arnold is currently still in the hospital but has made a big step, moving a step down from the critical care unit to trauma care. All planned surgeries have been finished and he is healing as expected. While Arnold has been extremely busy each day with tests and physical therapy, he’s still been cracking jokes and making us laugh every chance he can. When he’s not sleeping or having physical therapy he’s enjoyed watching the news and listening to music. Due to the nature of the care unit, the doctors have limited visitors to just family at this time. We will let you know when more visitors are permitted, but in the meantime he says hello to all his friends and family and he hopes everyone has a great Easter! We want to thank everyone again that has reached out, prayed for Arnold, or helped in some way. Thank you again to everyone that has signed up for meals on the Meal Train (https://www.mealtrain.com/trains/3qlz80). It has made life a little easier not having to worry about cooking as we go back and forth from Westerville to the hospital each day. We love you all, have a great Easter weekend!

The DeSena Family